TV station revenues expected to rise 11% this year


Typical of the odd-even cycle of years with and without federal elections, BIA Financial Network reports that 2007 television station revenues fell 2% to 22.2 billion. But with record political spending expected this year, the firm forecasts that 2008 TV station revenues will rise as much as 11%.

"Despite the constant buzz of new media alternatives television will prove itself to be a hot medium in 2008. Not only because it’s fail-safe but because it delivers viewers in a very targeted, local way. The national and statewide elections will reinforce the strength of the local television market, which is the only media that can provide mass audiences in an increasingly fragmented marketplace," said BIAfn Vice President Mark Fratrik.
TV markets best positioned to benefit from political spending could see gains of 12% or more this year, including those in states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia South Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, and southern California.

BIAfn even sent along a nifty map showing which DMAs are expected to rise the most in 2008.