TV stations on the move


moving_truckThe FCC has an active interest in clearing television stations out of the higher portion of the UHF band, and is happy to announce approval for a trio of stations to head to a lower home on the dial.

Daystar’s WPXS-TV Mount Vernon IL, serving the St. Louis DMA, is perhaps the one of the three that will make the FCC the happiest. It is going from Channel 21 clear down to VHF land on Channel 11.

Ion Media’s WPXA-TV Rome GA, serving the Atlanta DMA, is heading from Channel 51 to Channel 31.

Another Ion station, KPXE-TV Kansas City MO, is going from Channel 51 to Channel 30.

As soon as the approved moves are reported in the Federal Register, the three will have 30 days to submit paperwork for a minor change construction permit and get to work on their moves.