TV Viewers poised to flock back to favorites


According to a new consumer survey from Carat, a majority of viewers are poised to flock back to their favorite shows in coming months. Many are also anticipating the range of upcoming special events programming, including the Summer Olympics, presidential election, American Idol finale and sports programming.

To gain a better understanding of consumers’ media habits and attitudes as a result of the strike coming to an end, Carat fielded a survey of 1,000 primetime TV viewers March 3-5.

Overall, 9% of primetime viewers said they are watching more TV now that the strike is over compared to during the strike, while 82% are watching the same amount.

In addition to watching their favorite shows on TV, consumers plan to engage in a variety of other media and information sources, such as reading print and online newspapers, websites, and other media to stay up-to-date on the presidential election, Summer Olympics and other events. 62% said they’ll return to their favorite show once it is back on air in late March/April. 55% said they will return to their favorite TV shows even if it is not back on air until the Fall or Winter.

Only 5% do not plan to return to their favorite TV shows at all when they return. Among viewers who do not plan on returning to watch their favorite shows on TV, 11% said that they are planning to watch TV shows online instead, while 2% said they will watch shows specifically on TV network websites. Approximately 10% plan to either watch DVDs, go to the movie theater, play video games, or watch free VOD programming.

75% of viewers said they would most likely either channel surf or watch other primetime shows they are familiar with if their favorite show does not return until Fall/Winter. 3% of viewers said they would go online to TV network/video/websites to watch full repeat episodes and/or any online exclusive content of favorite TV shows (e.g. interviews, previews, etc.).