TVB reports that TV ad sales are improving


Q4 numbers from the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) show another negative quarter – but maybe the last one for a while. The organization says current indications point to a positive number for Q1.

“Local broadcast television revenues are definitely improving, judging by the anecdotal evidence from our stations and the preliminary numbers we’ve seen,” said Susan Cuccinello, Senior Vice President/Research at TVB.

Total broadcast revenues were down only 4.5% in the fourth quarter of 2009, compared with a total year decline of 12.9%.

  4th Qtr 2009 4th Qtr 2008 % Change
Spot TV* 3,938,067.6 4,569,585.4 -13.8
Syndication 1,020,919.8 1,143,128.8 -10.7
Network TV 6,581,538.1 6,372,578.2 3.3
Total Broadcast TV 11,540,525.5 12,085,292.4 -4.5
Full Year 2009 SUMMARY
  Full Year 2009 Full Year 2008 % Change
Spot TV* 12,597,801.0 16,494,350.7 -23.6
Syndication 4,229,144.5 4,444,930.3 -4.9
Network TV 23,615,019.4 25,445,033.7 -7.2
Total Broadcast TV 40,441,964.9 46,384,314.7 -12.8
*Includes both local and national spot activity in the 100+ markets measured by TNS/MI.
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Source: TVB

Improvement in the automotive sector was noticeable in Q4. Chrysler Group was the largest advertiser in television, with its Q4 spending up 28%. The Toyota Motor Dealers Association was up 16.1% and the Ford Motor Co. Dealers Association was up 33.4%. Two other auto advertisers made the top 10 as well, but Honda Motor Co. was down 33.8% and General Motors Corp. was down 5.6%.

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RBR-TVBR observation: More support for what we’ve already heard from broadcasters in the quarterly reports to Wall Street – the recovery is definitely underway. No one will remember 2008 and 2009 with any fondness, but at least the tough lessons learned will be applied going forward. (At least until the memory fades.)