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Volume 22, Issue 192, Jim Carnegie, Editor & Publisher
Friday Morning September 30th, 2005

TV News®

Looking ahead at Emmis
Emmis Communications says its second quarter was trending nicely, and expects to report good news going into its third (remember, the group is on a different fiscal calendar than most). It's looking for gains in the 5-6% range for its net radio revenues, a figure which the company thinks will represent the seventh straight quarter during which they will outperform their markets. Radio head Rick Cummings said all categories are trending up except automotive, and national business is rebounding nicely after a lengthy rough patch. Emmis also expects to pick up about 4% in its markets, compared to a predicted 3% gain overall in those locations. Smulyan said the group is very interested in any radio properties which ABC may have on the market, and is very interested in selling its final three television stations, but would neither buy nor sell anything unless the deal is good for Emmis investors. Group honcho Jeff Smulyan will cooperate with other honchos to develop and execute a profitable business model for high-def radio. And of course, he's trying to get that Major League baseball team in Washington...

TVBR observation: We think that overall Smulyan has learned his lesson, to stay with what you know, and in the case of Emmis that is radio. The baseball thing is another matter. Smulyan certainly has experience, but if you believe Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, the experience wasn't particularly inspiring - - Boswell said Smulyan's turn in the corner office of the Seattle Pilots was an exercise in running the team on the cheap while looking for a franchise move-out option - - an experience baseball fans in Washington have already suffered under Bob Short, leading to the exodus of the Senators in 1971. Nevertheless, the writers at USA Today's Sports Weekly think Smulyan now has the inside track since he's somewhat of a known commodity to baseball owners, and in particular Commissioner Bud Selig. One final thing - - Emmis is not in radio sell-off mode, but it is selling its 5th St. Louis FM to Washingtonian Al Liggins, who is a recent addition to Smulyan's baseball ownership lineup - - hmmmmmmmm...

Will cameras accompany
new chief into SCOTUS

The Senate has overwhelmingly confirmed the nomination of John Roberts to be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, sending him into the high court chambers with a 78-22 vote. And if Arlen Spector (R-PA) has his way, for the first time ever, Americans will be able to watch Roberts at work from the comfort of their living rooms. Spector has bipartisan support for the measure, and a slate of cosponsors which includes Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Russell Feingold (D-WI), John Cornyn (R-TX) and George Allen (R-VA). Said Spector, "The purpose of this legislation is to open the Supreme Court doors so that more Americans can see the process by which the Court reaches critical decisions of law that affect this country and everyday Americans. Because the Supreme Court of the United States holds power to decide cutting-edge questions on public policy, thereby effectively becoming a virtual 'super legislature,' the public has a right to know what the Supreme Court is doing." RTNDA president Barbara Cochran was quick to praise the initiative, saying, "With a new chief justice taking office, the time is right to open the doors of the third branch of government to modern means of communication."

TVBR observation: According to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, at least one justice, David Souter, said he'll permit cameras in on one condition - - that they roll over his dead body - - but that was back in 1996. We read somewhere that Roberts himself has said he has not yet developed a strong leaning one way or the other on the issue, but that his White House-appointed shepherd through the confirmation process, ex-Senator/actor Fred Thompson, had assured him that the cameras wouldn't bite.

Bush praises NAB for Katrina action
No less than President George W. Bush has recognized the efforts of the National Association of Broadcasters in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. "The good works of the National Association of Broadcasters demonstrate the character and strength of our Nation," wrote Bush. The NAB reached into its own bank account to send an immediate 1M cash donation to the American Red Cross and at the same time promised to raise another 100M via on-air fundraising appeals via PSAs, radiothons and telethons - - a figure that broadcasters have already more than doubled.
| Read President Bush's letter |

Nielsen: Americans watch TV at record levels
Nielsen Media Research reported the average American home watched more television the past TV season vs. any previous season. During the 2004-05 TV season (which started September 20, 2004 and just ended September 18, 2005), the average household in the U.S. tuned into television an average of 8 hours and 11 minutes per day. This is 2.7% higher than the previous season, 12.5% higher than 10 years ago, and the highest levels ever reported since television viewing was first measured by Nielsen Media Research in the 1950's. During the Sept 2004-Sept 2005 season, the average person watched television 4 hours and 32 minutes each day, the highest level in 15 years.
| View the Charts |

Association goes for broker
The NAMB - - better known as the National Association of Media Brokers - - got together at the NAB Radio Show 2005 in Philadelphia to elect new leadership for the 46-company strong industry organization. And the winners are: President: Andrew P. McClure, The Exline Company; Vice President: Frank Boyle, Frank Boyle & Company; Secretary: Christopher D. Miller, Gamon Media Brokers; and Treasurer: Richard L. Kozacko, Kozacko Media Services.

TVB now calling cable "Subscription TV"
The Television Bureau of Advertising announced it is now using the term "subscription TV" in describing the video formerly known as cable programming. "Subscription TV" is a term already used by some trade reporters. TVB's reports and its website are frequently cited by industry observers, and this decision may cause the new term to become more widely adopted. "The word 'cable,' when referring to programming, is a relic of an earlier era," said TVB President Chris Rohrs. "There was a time when everyone who watched non-broadcast programming watched via a cable MSO provider. Now subscribers to alternative delivery systems such as DBS make up almost one-quarter of American TV households that pay for television programming. In some individual markets, more than half of the television households get their non-broadcast programming through an entity other than a cable MSO. Just last week, Verizon launched its fiber-optic FiOS service in Texas-you can't call FiOS 'cable programming' if it never passes through a cable system. The industry needs to move toward a new word-'subscription TV' would seem to work the best." Rohrs argues that the term fits in well with the FCC's term for cable and satellite providers. "The FCC calls them multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). That's a mouthful, but the commission also refers to MVPD users as subscribers," he said. He also pointed out that non-broadcast networks routinely refer to their viewers as subscribers. Rohrs also said TVB would refer to programmers other than the broadcast networks as "subscriber networks." "This is not a minor matter," said Rohrs. "The media world is changing so much that the old words aren't accurate anymore. And it's especially important to local advertisers and their agencies that they understand the distinction between wired cable and satellite subscribers."

TVBR observation: The Cable Ad Bureau (CAB) sparked this new description of the tube by renaming Cable TV as 'One TV World' meaning it is just plain TV. OK, we get it. TVB now renames Cable TV as 'Subscription TV' which is you pay for stuff but still viewed on the tube or TV. Get, it? Ah, forget it - it is just a remote and a screen. TV execs, just be glad you are not in Radio - Try branding the new HD radio no less find content for this new puppy that is not even yet manufactured. But, Technology waits for no one.

Conference Calls Q2 2005
Emmis enjoys 11% gain
Jeff Smulyan was able to paint Emmis Communications' latest net revenue report with the double-digit brush, picking up 11% over the same period last year. The numbers refer only to the company's radio and publishing operations - - television is considered a "discontinued" operation. The gain represented a new net revenue of 107.9M compared to 97.1M the prior year. Emmis, which operates on a different financial calendar than most groups, was reporting on its second quarter of 2006. Net revenues would have been 168.1M if television was added into the mix. Pro forma radio net revenues, taking into account WLUP-FM Chicago and European radio operations, were up 4%. WLUP was added to the portfolio in January, and a Slovakian radio network was added in March. "We're encouraged with how strong the quarter finished for our radio stations, which outperformed their markets for the sixth straight quarter," Emmis Chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan said. "As we continue to focus on operations, the disposition of our TV assets continues. The sale of 9 of our 16 stations will result in proceeds that exceed expectations." Emmis was also able to announce the sale of four more of the TV stations, leaving just three on the shelf. See related stories in Radio News and Media Markets & Money.


Nielsen Monitor-Plus examines
automotive advertising

With the 2006 auto models rolling into the showrooms shortly, Nielsen Monitor-Plus takes a closer look at how the automotive industry distributes its advertising dollars. During the first half of 2005, automotive (Factory & Dealer Associations) ad spending was over 6.7 billion, representing an increase of 7.4% compared to the same period in 2004. Nearly 80% (5.3 billion) of all automotive dollars were placed in television, while 11% (781 million) was in national magazines. Spending in cable TV grew 24%; leading the way was Ford who doubled their cable budget to 136 million, Volkswagen increasing their spending 238% to 35.5 million, and Honda reaching 71.3 million. Network Radio experienced a decline of 26.3%, partly due to Ford, Toyota, and DaimlerChrysler reducing their budgets in this medium in the first half of 2005.
| More Stats |

Sirius to run two minute spots soon
Sirius Satellite Radio is readying two-and1/2-minute commercials on its 50+ non-music Sirius channels that carry advertising. Sirius senior VP of advertising sales Sam Benrubi told attendees at the Gundersen Partners Power Breakfast this week that Sirius recently closed a campaign with a spirits company that involves a two and 1/2-minute spot. Music and imaging are major components of the ad, Benrubi said.
| Read More... |

SeaPak unveils campaign
with Food Network

SeaPak Shrimp Company, the #1 selling brand of frozen shrimp products in the U.S., launched a new national multimedia campaign, highlighted by a partnership with Food Network. The new national campaign, which kicked off 9/28, uses the tag, "Making Great Shrimp Easy." The ads offer solutions to help them make shrimp dishes at home. The partnership with Food Network represents the largest national ad buy in the history of SeaPak. The campaign features new :15 and :30 second television spots, a series of television cooking demonstrations showcasing great-tasting shrimp recipes made easy, a new SeaPak consumer website, fabulous recipes created in partnership with the Food Network Kitchens, and a comprehensive in-store, retailer marketing campaign. Advertisements will air throughout Food Network's most-popular programming, including Emeril Live, 30 Minute Meals, Everyday Italian, Paula's Home Cooking and Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, as well as on, the #1 cooking destination online. The ads will inspire consumers to prepare the delicious shrimp dishes they love. SeaPak has become a "Proud Sponsor of Food Network In The Kitchen," and will support the most-popular shows with billboard ads that carry "Brought to You by SeaPak Shrimp Company." In addition, two unique :30 second cooking demo ads have been produced in partnership with Food Network. The vignettes, entitled "A Good Taste," entice consumers to utilize SeaPak products as core ingredients. As part of the national campaign, a "Proud Sponsor of Food Network In the Kitchen" graphic will begin appearing in-store on packaging for select products available from SeaPak. SeaPak has partnered with grocery chains across the country to showcase "Making Great Shrimp Easy" on in-store point of sale materials, including SmartSource coupon machines, shopping carts, floor ads, and end-aisle displays.

Food Network
launches branding effort

Food Network will launch a new national off-air branding campaign beginning 10/3, it was announced by Michael Smith, SVP/Marketing and Creative Services for Food Network. The object is to shift perceptions of the network from one that is exclusively cooking-related to one that engages and entertains viewers via dynamic, multi-dimensional food experiences. "We think this campaign communicates the breadth of the Food Network experience and provides a compelling reason for people to tune-in more often" said Smith. "It positively changes perceptions of the brand from one-dimensional and predictable to a more contemporary, multi-faceted network with something for everyone." The tag is "Way More Than Cooking", a simple, declarative statement that conveys the brand promise. The campaign consists of both TV spots and print ads, the spots featuring celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse, Rachael Ray, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay. Each chef wraps up their day in the Food Network Kitchen, then "breaks out" going through kitchen doors into a Food Network world filled with adventure, culture, competition, history, travel, and other genres that go beyond just cooking. The spots were directed by acclaimed director Bob Giraldi and produced by Digital Kitchen with Doner advertising agency. The print execution takes the TV spots one step further, highlighting one genre - adventure, culture, competition, etc. For example, one ad features a woman scuba diver grabbing a spiny lobster with the tagline, "Way more than cooking." The media plan focuses on broad reach entertainment and lifestyle outlets, incorporating a combination of cable television, consumer and trade print, online and targeted outdoor ads. The cable television spots will run for four weeks, beginning October 3 on networks like Discovery, E!, TLC, Travel Channel, USA, and VH1.

Media Markets & MoneyTM
Emmis peddles four more
television stations

The sale of four more stations out of the Emmis portfolio puts the scorecard at 13 down, three to go. Stations in Portland OR, Honolulu HI, Wichita KS and Topeka KS are going to SJL Broadcast Group and Blackstone Group for 259M. The stations are KOIN-TV (Channel 6, CBS) in Portland; KHON-TV (Channel 2, Fox) in Honolulu; KSNW-TV (Channel 3, NBC) in Wichita; and KSNT-TV (Channel 27, NBC) in Topeka. Previously, Emmis has spun off nine stations in three deals totalling 681M - - this transaction takes the group almost to its 1B dollar full-group target price - - with three still on the shelf. Still on the table: KGMB-TV (Channel 9, CBS) in Honolulu, WVUE-TV (Channel 8, Fox) in New Orleans and WKCF-TV (Channel 18, WB) in Orlando.

TVBR observation: At yesterday's quarterly conference call, Emmis honcho Jeff Smulyan noted the obvious: Hurrican Katrina threw a huge monkey wrench into the company's plans to sell the New Orleans property. Looking ahead, he said the company expects to easily surpass the 1B target when it adds in receipts for the final three stations. And it's completely open-minded about selling all three in a package, or in three separate deals - - whatever fetches the most green.

Washington Beat
Judiciary subcommitee unplugged
The Senate Judiciary's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights session called "More Consolidation, or New Choices for Consumers?" has been postponed, and will be rescheduled, according to its chairman, Mike DeWine (R-OH). Scheduled as witnesses were Mr. Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable, Kyle McSlarrow of NCTA, Forrest Miller of SBC Communications, Doron Gorshein of The America Channel, Scott Cleland of Precursor and Mark Cooper of Consumer Federation of America.

TVBR observation: It'll be interesting to see if the witness list is shuffled or increased. According to an article in National Journal's Insider Update, there was more than a little concern among the cable's MVPD competitors such as DirecTV and RCN Corp. that they were not offered a seat at the table. (SBC is a representative of wanna-be competition from the telecom sector, but is not there yet.) We think the complaints are valid - - how can they talk about choice when some serious choice providers are left out in the cold?

Ratings & Research
ArbitronPPM ratings link Reality TV viewing
and Morning radio listening

Arbitron released an analysis of the television and radio audience in Houston that details the link between viewers of reality TV shows to the morning radio shows they listen to the day after. Radio morning show personalities almost always talk about programs that aired on TV the night before. Reality TV shows, which feature unscripted outcomes or audience participation, are especially chat worthy for radio show hosts the morning after. The Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) system, which simultaneously tracks radio listening and television viewing among Houston consumers, can now provide radio programmers with a never-before-available profile of what morning show listeners actually watched on television the night before. And the data shows that the viewing patterns of radio listeners aren't easy to predict.
| Read More... |

Nielsen Media Research Client Initiatives Update
Nielsen CEO Susan Whiting recently sent out an update on client initiatives to clients. During September, Nielsen continued to make substantial progress in implementing a broad range of client initiatives.
| See the highlights from Susan here |

186M WSAZ-TV Charleston-Huntington WV (Huntington WV) from Emmis Television License LLC, a subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corp. (Jeff Smulyan) to Gray Television Licensee Inc. (Robert S. Prather Jr.). Cash at closing (buyer will produce 18.6M letter of credit). Station is NBC affilate on Channel 3. [File date 8/25/05.]

Stock Talk
Winners take the cake
Most television stocks were up in yesterday's trading. Standouts included Disney up 0.59, Media General up 1.71, Jefferson-Pilot up 0.73 and Emmis down .75, perhaps on news it is divesting more TV stations.


Here's how stocks fared on Thursday

Company Symbol Close Change Company Symbol Close Change





Media General












Clear Channel




News Corp.
















NY Times
















Saga Commun.












Gen. Electric




















Time Warner




Gray, C1. A




















Viacom, Cl. A




Journal Comm.




Viacom, Cl. B




Liberty Corp




Wash. Post






















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Cox Radio has a
dog in the HD Hunt

In the process of soliciting help for HD ID effort as Dick Ferguson, Cox Radio EVP, is spearheading the Cox project and is asking for help in putting together a research project to help identity the best way to go about labeling HD Radio side channels, as well as organizing a possible push (as we've reported) to get an expanded FM band for those side channels, instead of jeopardizing existing audio quality sharing with the main signal. RBR has had the details on some of this since 8/22 (see Numbering Benefits below), but now it's time to run the project details after the ROC Meeting. The project will involve focus groups and researcher Bob Harper has been tapped for it. The project is being floated with the ROC (Radio Operators Caucus) members that met at the NAB Radio Show. After the project gets organized and the final plan made, other broadcasters will be asked to participate and all results will be made public. In Ferguson's email sent yesterday, 9/29/05, to around 25 radio executives he requests input in five areas two are interesting: Point 1 - ..if you "have an interest" in this research project. (We are not asking for money, just your interest and the involvement of your company in the process.) Point 5 - Do you have any additional input for us as we move forward? RBR reminds all this was not done in conjunction with Clear Channel's Mark Mays, Infinity's Joel Hollander and Emmis's Jeff Smulyan HD alliance (9/6 RBR #174),
(9/12 RBR #178).

| Read Numbering Benefits |
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RBR observation: Some feathers were ruffled simply because RBR has a copy of the email and all the attachments to this report this morning which we highly recommend you print out and read as to gain knowledge of what is being kicked around on the HD level. RBR stands on the bases that information which is requesting broadcasters to think, ask for input, and possibly participate in should be shared by all and not just a select few. You may get solid input from outside your normal thinking box of members. Radio owners and operators that came to the NAB convention last week wanted to discuss HD as RBR knows because they asked us questions and many we did not have answers to. They also came to discuss HD with the industry leaders that wear the ribbons on their badges but many of our leaders were either unapproachable or just did not show at all. The radio medium has one shot at making HD work and it best be discussed with all and agreed on by all before you ask anyone to adopt a standard. The questions are being asked by Dick Ferguson and RBR is sure Ferguson would not mind hearing your thoughts on HD or better yet RBR will establish an HD Bounce Back column send your thoughts and questions to [email protected] and Share in the Voice.

TVBR Radar 2005
Television News you won't read any where else. TVBR--First, Accurate, and Independently Owned.

TVBR First
White Smoke at NAB, well, sort of
Confirmed - the committee's unanimous choice is David Rehr who currently is President of the National Beer Wholesalers Association. Yes, Rehr is the unofficial named successor to President & CEO Eddie Fritts. TVBR has confirmed that Rehr has a contract and the committee is anticipating to make an announcement once the contract is approved by Rehr's lawyers and his signature on dotted line.
TVBR observation: Trust we see White Smoke soon and for the better - give the guy a chance. Then watch and see who he surrounds himself with as this will point the course to the building of his structure of NAB. Just have to watch for the White Smoke.
09/29/05 TVBR #191

Product placement just isn't write?
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein has expressed his doubts about the use of product placement in today's commercial media environment - - particularly when the exchange of compensation for the placement is obscure. Another group has surfaced which also claims to be increasingly skeptical about the practice - - the Writers Guild of America (WGA).
TVBR observation: WGA and Commissioner Adelstein has 'doubts about product placement in today's commercial media environment.' TVBR says to the Commish get a life and pull your head out of the sand because you can not stop product placement. Our recommendation is to understand this - The client is the one buying the time and any quality programming will work as product placement is incorporated into the script without being noticed. It is not putting a Chevy Truck in a scene and blowing it up. To make our point even more clear relive the words of passion spoken by Jonathan Prince, creator & executive producer of American Dreams at 2005 NAB Vegas Prince on Product Placement
09/29/05 TVBR #191

Indecent descent?
Complaints way down
We thought indecency complaints were down in Q1 2005 over the final three months of 2004, over which time the total number received by the FCC was halved. Turns out that was nothing. TVBR observation: FCC Enforcement Bureau's Kris Monteith said that numerous indecency decisions have made it most of the way through the pipeline and were almost ready to be released. It will be interesting to see how far back they go datewise. Otherwise, it would appear there is a major chill in the air, with broadcasters staying well clear of the gray area between the acceptable and the indecent. Also, look for the number of accessibility complaints to go up in Q3, and particularly in September, in response to problems getting emergency information to variously-challenged citizens during this particularly active hurricane season.
09/29/05 TVBR #191

Study: Average person spends more time using media than anything else
The average American spends more time using media devices -- television, radio, iPods and cell phones -- than any other activity while awake, says a new study from Ball State University. Findings interesting - "As a society, we are consumers of media," The average person spends about nine hours a day using some type of media, which is arguably in excess of anything we would have envisioned 10 years ago."
TVBR observation: Read this again and again then compare it to your daily usage of a hand device say your Blackberry. Then look at the young or start with the Class of 2009 and their usage of devices. Now the biggie - How is TV going to measure them and get an accurate reading of their TV media usage today? The study says it - it is not like it was ten years ago. Get on with life and on the electronic LPM stick because 'Technology waits for no one'.
09/28/05 TVBR #190

TV sticks for sale,
get 'em while they're hot
The FCC is putting 11 full-power television CPs on the block. Television Auction No. 64 will be held 3/15/06. Comments on the auction are being taken by the Commission through 10/14/05, and reply comments are due by 10/21/05. Ten of the CPs are open to all comers.
09/27/05 TVBR #189

GM Planworks taps Rosen, Shaw; launches "Video Investment Group"
We told 'ya so: GM Planworks, a division of Starcom MediaVest Group and the media planning, buying and research unit dedicated to General Motors (GM), named Mike Rosen its Chief Investment Officer. Rosen will oversee investment in network, broadcast, cable and nationally-syndicated television and radio.
09/27/05 TVBR #189

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