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Transactions: 10/31/05-11/4/05

October ended slowly, and November started even slower. You know it's not going to be a big week with the top agreement is for a pair of small-market CPs. A one-AM, three FM deal in Houma-Thibodaux-Morgan City, Louisiana missed tying for first by a mere 100K. Both that market and the one housing the winner - - St. George-Cedar City UT, are rated by Eastlan.

Total Mkts 1-50 Mkts 51-100 Mkts >100




2 0 1 2


1 2 5 2


0 0 0 0
Total 15 3 2 6 4

Type of deal

Deals Stns Value
Radio, 1 mkt


15 32.238M

TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Radio, multimkt

1 3 $0

TV, multimkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, multimkt

0 0 $0
Totals 11 15 32.238M

TV Deal of the Week
Zero action this week

Radio Deal of the Week
Investment in the future
A stick sale took top honors this week. A pair of robust Class C FMs in the vicinity of Eastlan's St. George-Cedar City UT market went to Salt Lake city stalwart Simmons Media Group for 11.5M. The sticks are licensed to Mesquite NV and Hurricane UT. Simmons has two FMs already up and running in the area.

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