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Sony Pictures Television, Nielsen
developing combined media metrics

Sony Pictures Television content reaches nearly two out of every three young high-tech consumers in the U.S. across its television and Internet platforms, according to a new study by The Nielsen Company. This is a key finding in what is intended to be a series of custom research studies across multiple categories of consumers. These studies will combine television and Internet ratings data with other consumer databases, allowing Sony Pictures Television (SPT) to quantify the value of its media properties in the metrics that matter most to advertisers' businesses. This first study addresses electronics and technology consumers.

In this research, NielsenConnect examined the unduplicated reach and audience composition of SPT's media offerings across its syndicated TV shows, Sony BMG's MusicBox web site and the HD network, MOJO HD. Nielsen found that 64.6% of 18-34 year old "technologists" - consumers who define themselves as being among the first to adopt new technologies regardless of price - engaged with Sony properties, compared to 57.5% of adults 18-34 overall.

For the project, NielsenConnect combined existing database information from both the National People Meter and Local People Meter services, website visitation info from Nielsen Online, cellular and wireless information from Claritas' Convergence Audit and high definition usage and behavior from Nielsen's HD Study to obtain a comprehensive view of Sony's reach.

The Nielsen study enables Sony Pictures Television and its advertisers to better understand the make-up and behavior of its audience and more effectively reach targeted consumers. In addition to discovering that early technology adopters are overrepresented in Sony's audience, the Nielsen study found that:

Sony Pictures Television's offerings reach 7 million 18 to 34-year-old and 13 million 18 to 49-year-old Technologists. Altogether, there are 37 million adult Technologists in the US, representing 12% of the population. Technologists skew younger (39% are age 18-34 and 73% are age 35-49), higher income and better educated.

As early adopters, Technologists have already shown their marketing impact on consumer products. 32% currently own a portable MP3 Player with video, and 42% are likely to buy one in the next 12 months, while 30% own a cell phone with video capability, and 42% are likely to buy in the next 12 months. This research demonstrates that they will continue to drive adoption of emerging technologies.

"The results of this study clearly show the unique value of integrating media and consumer data to provide clients with truly comprehensive insights," said Jon Mandel, CEO of NielsenConnect. "This new data enables Sony not only to better understand its highly valuable audience, but also to document its ability to deliver these influential consumers across all of its platforms."

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