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Accountability is for all during 2005

You can not change the ratings game if you do not know the history and in this case the history was just weeks ago. TV execs you may say to yourself, 'Hey not my problem' but the old saying is 'What runs down hill?' Yep somewhere along the this long gray line inside the beltway when Senator's begin to hold hearings everything from the past of the 1996 Telecom Act to the kitchen sink is going to be brought up. Why? Each of these ill educated and ill advised Senators want their opening statements on the congressional record and they hope to get their fifteen seconds of video on the TV and the same with the audio clips. We will let you know if these hearings are televised on C-Span to tune in and get your education and you will say 'Holly you know what.' Or we voted for these people that don't know our business? It is the position of TVBR to bring you the analysis of events so you can make sense on the rumors and chatter. But in this case my suggestion is now you educate yourselves and take a little time and read this past brief history because it will eventually run down hill.

Time to read, learn and gain knowledge with facts -

Sides on LPM are Far apart 06/02/05 TVBR #108
TVBR observation: From where we sit, it looks like Nielsen and its broadcaster clients aren't even on the same page in discussing LPMs.

LPM Controversy score is Even 06/03/05 TVBR #109
States Jon Mandel, "The thing is, the LPM is so far superior to what they have now that it's better off. The problem is they haven't figured out how to adjust their business to it. The LPM is better than a diary, by definition,.."

LPM on its worst day better than 06/10/05 TVBR #114
TVBR observation: Comcast Spotlight Vice President of Research Jonathan Sims, who told TVBR that LPM on its worst day is still far better than the meter/diary system it replaces.

Susan Whiting takes on LPM Critics 06/14/05 TVBR Exclusive
Note: Worth the print out.

Tribune's Pat Mullen says, it ain't worked Yet 06/24/05 TVBR#124
TVBR observation: No matter what the future holds the consumer is in control and nobody in the media research will ever get 100% cooperation.

Sen. Burns really going after Nielsen 07/05/05 TVBR #130
TVBR observation: Speaking as broadcasters not just typing words but broadcasters for broadcasters the Gov. stay out as you will cause more harm to a medium that is already if deep trouble.

Foolish All are with Bill S.1372 (Publisher Perspective) 07/18/05 TVBR #139
TVBR observation: We already know how congressional leaders feel about the 1996 Telecom Act. How much pork will be added to the belly.

Ratings Task force Opposes Burns, Too 07/21/05 TVBR #142
TVBR observation: The Task Force says the legislation would hurt minority programmers and ad agencies.

NAB adds its fire to Burns MRC bill 07/22/05 TVBR #143
TVBR observation: To say the least, we are very disappointed by this NAB move as NAB has wandered off course and needs to get back to defending the free marketplace.

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