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Nielsen says LPM is better

After being caught unprepared by anti-LPM campaigns in New York and Los Angeles a few months ago, Nielsen Media Research is the PR offensive in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, even after agreeing to delay Local People Meter implementation for 28 days (6/2/05 TVBR #108). Using topline data from its ongoing preliminary LPM run in DC and Philly, Nielsen claims the new meters are more accurate, more representative and that the sample is larger than for the Metered Market meters that LPM is replacing. The company has sent out data showing an increase in total viewing across a broad range of demos and ethnic groups, as measured by LPM in the May sweeps. Fighting back against claims that LPMs undercount minorities, Nielsen says the LPM sample is bigger - - 609 households vs. 439 in DC for its existing set meters - - with the number of African-American households increasing from 113 to 146, Latino households from 23 to 51 and Asian American households from 15 to 35. "Because the LPM sample is much closer to the estimated universe of Africa-American, Latino and Asian households, it more accurately captures viewing within those communities," Nielsen said. In Philly, the ratings company says the number of households with LPM has increased to 809 from 508 with set meters, African-American households from 103 to 167, Latino from 20 to 45 and Asian from 12 to 22. wNielsen will distribute May sweeps data to its subscribers in both markets by mid-month, but preliminary number-crunching shows total viewing recorded by LPMs up for a broad range of age demos and ethnic groups. But, of course, there are winners and losers among individual broadcast and cable channels. Nielsen notes that some of the "smallest viewing sources" are seeing some of the biggest percentage gains in audience.

Washington, DC


Source: Nielsen Media Research

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