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Transactions: 8/29/05-9/2/05

Another piece of the Emmis televsion sell-off hit the memory banks of the FCC, and another smaller deal was announced for a pair of small-market Nebraska televison stations. One radio deal of note hits the database as well, adding up to a fairly hefty pricetag for what was otherwise an extremely quiet week.

Total Mkts 1-50 Mkts 51-100 Mkts >100




1 1 1 1


0 4 0 3


0 3 2 0
Total 15 1 8 3 3

Type of deal

Deals Stns Value
Radio, 1 mkt


10 28.08M

TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Rad-TV, 1 mkt

0 0 $0

Radio, multimkt

0 0 $0

TV, multimkt

2 5 244.5M

Rad-TV, multimkt

0 0 $0
Totals 9 15 272.58M

TV Deal of the Week
Emmis sell-off continues
Part three of Emmis's initial three-part TV sell-off hit the FCC database - - the Journal part. KGUN-TV Tucson, WFTX-TV Fort Myers-Naples FL and KMTV-TV Omaha NE sold for 235M. Look for upcoming radio action in Omaha, where Journal may have to go into spin-cycle.

Radio Deal of the Week
MainQuad segues to Main Line
A quartet of Richmond FM stations is going to Dan Savadove's Main Line Broadcasting, giving him his second and largest market, along with Hagerstown MD-Chambersburg-Waynesboro PA. He'll part with 25M to get WCUL-FM, WARV-FM, WBBT-FM & WJZV-FM.

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