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Ex-Adelphia execs face tax charges

Having already been convicted of fraud for looting Adelphia Communications, John and Timothy Rigas now face new charges - - tax fraud. They and other Rigas family members are accused of failing to pay more than 300 million in income taxes due on nearly two billion diverted from Adelphia.

Shuman exits News Corp. board

Long-time News Corporation director Stanley S. Shuman has resigned from the board, at least as far as voting is concerned. Shuman, who is managing director of Allen & Co., will become Director-Emeritus, allowing him to sit in on board meetings and voice his opinion, but without having a vote. ""In order to permit News Corporation to come within applicable governance provisions by having its Board comprised of a majority of independent directors, I have decided to resign as a Director. I have been immensely privileged to serve on News Corp.'s Board for these many years and look forward to continuing my association with the Company in my new position as Director-Emeritus," Shuman said in a company statement. He had been on the News Corp. board since 1982. His resignation reduces the board to 13 members, with a majority of them independent directors.

Yarosa Entertainment launches SMS with ¡Sorpresa!

Yarosa Entertainment announced the launch of joint mobile interactive services with ¡Sorpresa!, a kid/teen targeted Hispanic digital cable network in the US. The partnership consists of SMS-2-TV applications. While watching ¡Sorpresa!, interactive applications will appear on the bottom of their TV screens, enabling viewers to interact with a games through their cellphones' SMS features. ¡Sorpresa! and Yarosa plan to roll out more mobile applications. The services are available on all mobile networks in the US.

Bennett: Salem, Conyers point and counterpoint

Salem Radio Network President Greg R. Anderson defended one of his Talkers, ex-Secretary of Education William Bennett, whose incendiary comments on race, crime and abortion have set the blogosphere and Washington ablaze. He was responding to demands for an apology, and more, from Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Anderson chose to defend Bennett, causing Conyers to fire back that Anderson apparently failed to grasp what was really bothering the offended parties about the remarks. Read excepts from their exchange below. Meanwhile, members of both houses of Congress have introduced resolutions " strongly condemn the reprehensible and racist remarks made by William Bennett," according to African-American women's organization, The Links - - Bobby Rush (D-IL) introduced House Resolution 473 and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) put one forth in the Senate. Links "...respectfully urges Congress to pass resolutions condemning his remarks and the FCC to require the Salem Radio Network to cancel his show, Morning In America."

Anderson wrote, "We desire to encourage a robust exchange of ideas, but we would never condone racial bigotry, or ethnic discrimination. When taken out of context, we understand these comments were controversial for some and offensive to others; that was not our intent, and I am certain it was not Dr. Bennett's intent." Conyers remains unsatisfied, however, responding, "Frankly speaking, I believe your letter completely misses the point of why I and many others...found these remarks so offensive. Mr. Bennett gratuitously injected racial stereotyping into a conversation with a caller about social security and abortion. To date, neither you nor Mr. Bennett have explained why such stereotyping was needed, or even bothered to apologize for linking race with crime in such a discriminatory fashion."

Office Depot narrows it to three

Office Depot has reportedly selected three finalists in its ongoing creative review. The three: Martin Agency Richmond; Kaplan Thaler Group New York and Leo Burnett Chicago. The account is estimated at 85 million.

Korea Broadcasting Advertising opens NYC office

Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corp. (KOBACO) announced a new branch office in New York City on 42nd Street and Madison Avenue. KOBACO, established in 1981 as the only media representation firm for radio and television stations, is a major player in the Korean ad market. Joo Ryong (John) Lee, NY Branch President said, "South Korea is the third largest advertising market in Asia and the 10th largest advertising market in the world. It has huge potential for marketers interested in expanding their consumer reach in international markets." For more info, call 212-880-2300.

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