TVU, Utah Scientific Set For NAB New York


NAB New York is set for Wednesday and Thursday in midtown Manhattan, and Utah Scientific will be showing off its new UHD-12G 4k digital routing switcher. At the same time, TVU Networks will be showcasing its latest IP-based live video solutions.

Utah Scientific’s new UHD-12G 4K digital routing switcher is the first enterprise-class router to enable distribution of a full range of 4K SDI video signals, from SD data rates up to 12G, in a single-link interconnect.

The UHD-12G 4K routing switcher simplifies installations, reduces the rack space and cables needed to process 4K signals.

The UHD-12G 4K is ideal for enterprise broadcasters that need to meet the growing demand for UHDTV content, driven by the increase in large-screen UHDTV consumer displays.

Previously, customers would have had to process 4K signals through multiple paths using a traditional 3G routing switcher.

Utah Scientific will demonstrate its latest efforts in SDI-to-IP conversion products with its UTAH-400 IP Technology at NAB Show New York.

The company notes, “Operators who have significant investments in large-scale SDI plants are going to face technical and budgetary challenges as they transition to newer IP-based topologies while still maintaining current SDI workflows. Given that SDI is the predominant topology, the center of these plants lies within SDI routing cores. Therefore, any transition will have to address key SDI architectures and augment an existing plant.”

Utah Scientific will demonstrate new ways that users can employ bidirectional IP topology to begin creating hybrid islands.

Meanwhile, TVU Networks will showcase its newest IP-based live video solutions at NAB Show New York, including the MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC and 4K encoding solution and TVU RPS (Remote Production System), as well as its two cloud-based workflow solutions, TVU Alert and TVU Command Center.

The MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC and 4K encoding solution is a rack-mount encoder that transmits video using HEVC video compression and Inverse StatMux Plus advanced IP video technology.

TVU RPS allows for the production of a live, synchronized multi-camera program in a remote location using mainly a broadcaster’s existing control room in their studio and a public Internet connection from the field. The TVU RPS transmitter encodes up to six synchronized SDI sources and transmits high-quality and low-latency IP video from the remote location to a studio-based receiver, and the receiver outputs six synchronized SDI outputs.

“By utilizing existing in-house production staff and equipment at the studio, a broadcaster no longer needs its own production crew in the field, saving significant cost in producing a remote, multi-camera live shot,” TVU says.

TVU Networks will also showcase its TVU One live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter.