Twitter Losing Luster Among Media Buyers


surveyWhile Facebook and YouTube remain the top tools media buyers prefer in their advertising campaigns, Instagram is now in third place, moving Twitter to fourth. Those are some of the main findings from a Strata survey of ad agencies and marks the first time Instagram has gained more attention from media buyers than Twitter.

More than 95% and 67% of agencies say they plan to advertise on Facebook and YouTube respectively, with Instagram at 65% and Twitter at 56%. Social spend is on the rise overall with 17% of agencies saying they will allocate up to a quarter of their budgets on social.

Media buyers are increasingly trusting their ad buys to programmatic systems.

In the first quarter, 37% of respondents said they trust programmatic to execute digital orders, a 22% from the previous quarter.

Over half (53%) of agencies are more interested in streaming radio like Pandora and iHeartRadio than they were last year, a 15% increase over 1Q15.

“Digital publishers keep on getting better at providing more advertising opportunities to ad buyers. Within digital, the fastest growth we’re seeing is in social media,” says Strata Director J.D. Miller.

Trust in programmatic extends to non-digital buys too with 21% of agencies planning to execute 20-40% their ad spend programmatically — a 50% rise from last quarter. Another 41% plan to use programmatic for 10-20% of their ad spend.