Two LPTV and translator windows opening up


The FCC is prepared to accept applications for new LPTVs and TV translators in rural areas on 8/25/09, and will accept major modifications and applications for digital companion channels for existing facilities. Then a similar door, minus the geographical restrictions, will open 1/25/10. All applications must be for digital facilities. The FCC took the occasion to remind all operators in these categories that flash cuts to digital are permissible at any time.

In fact, the provision of time before opening the first window is to allow stations planning a flashcut to get their applications in ahead of the rush for new and companion stations and major modifications. This will give them a head start in the processing pipeline.

All applications for new or radically modified stations will need to be accompanied by a $705 fee. Flashcut applications are free of charge.

Applications for the earlier rural window have 100 areas to steer clear of. They may be no closer than 75 miles (or 121 kilometers) from the markets and associated specific coordinates are listed in the pdf in the attachments box to the right.