Two more done deals


SoldThe deeds and the keys to a pair of radio properties have been handed over to their new owners. The two transactions are dissimilar in a number of ways, but they do have one thing in common.

The common element certainly isn’t geography – one was in Beloit WI, the other in Cary NC.

The shared element was the price, perhaps somewhat oddly, since the Wisconsin deal was for an AM station and the North Carolina deal was for an FM translator.

In Beloit, the done deal is for WGEZ-AM, which was sold by Alhance Communications, Inc. to Scott O. Thompson t/a Big Radio. The price for the 1490 kHz facility is $150,000. Broker: Kozacko Media Services.

In Cary, the done deal is for W227CU. It least that’s what the station was called when the deal was initiated. It’s now W228CZ. It went from Juan Alberto Ayala to Eastern Airwaves, LLC, an affiliate of Curtis Media, Inc., also for $150,000. Brokers: Bob Heymann, Media Services Group.