Two more pirates walk the plank


Trevor M. Whitley was not operating on the high seas so far as we know, but he was operating on the higher end of the FM dial in the Brooklyn NY area, plying the environs of 102.3 MHz without a license. Charles Clemons was even higher, hitting the airwaves at 106.1 MHz in Boston. Whitley was hit with the standard $10K fine, while Clemons picked up an extra $7K to $17K for refusing to allow a station inspection.

RBR/TVBR observation: Depending on their ages, the two buccaneers can while away the hours in the FCC brig discussing current teams – the always raging Yankees v. Red Sox debate; or they can discuss defunct teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers v. the old Boston Braves. If only the FCC had a brig, that is.