Two more sign up to oppose PRA


The Local Radio Freedom Act picked up two more US representative endorsements, one from each party, bringing the total number of attached signatures to 260. It takes only 218 to defeat a measure in the House of Representatives, and the bill that the 260 would take down is the Performance Royalty Act.

The two new signatories are Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL) and Tim Murphy (R-PA). They follow one of the bigger signers of late, powerful 50-year House veteran John Dingell (D-MI), who also recently signed on to LRFA.

NAB’s Dennis Wharton commented, “Local radio broadcasters and our 239 million weekly listeners appreciate the growing Congressional opposition to RIAA’s performance tax campaign. We remain cautiously optimistic that Congress will ultimately reject RIAA’s effort to enact this job-killing legislation, which would threaten the very future of a musician’s greatest promotional vehicle: free, local radio.”