Two more stations fined for late-filed license renewals


KAPL-AM Phoenix OR and KRNL-FM Mount Vernon IA both missed the deadline for getting their license renewal forms in to the FCC. Four months later, the licenses actually expired, technically turning the licensees into spectrum pirates. Both will be hit with a monetary punishment.

Cornell College is the Iowa licensee. Its license expired 2/1/05, meaning that its application was officially late as of 10/1/04. It finally got around to applying for renewal on 3/9/05, over a month past expiration. The usual fine for being late AND operating without a license is $7K and this one is no exception. Cornell’s plea that it acted in good faith to rectify the situation as usual didn’t cut it with the FCC, and the financial records it submitted to prove a claim of financial hardship were also not up to the FCC’s standards.

Applegate Media is the licensee of the Oregon station. Its renewal application came due 10/1/05 and its license expired 2/1/06. It took a month and a day from that point for Applegate to get its application in. The licensee did not challenge the fine, but drew the attention of the FCC to its overall record of compliance. The FCC agreed that Applegate has a good record, and reduced its fine from $7K to $5.6K.