Two new reality series ordered by Spike TV


Spike TV is adding two new unscripted series. The network will pick up 20 half-hour episodes of “Repo Games” from the producers of MTV’s hit series, “Jersey Shore,” and 10 one-hour episodes of “Bar Rescue” from the producers of “The Biggest Loser.” 

“The guys featured on Bar Rescue and Repo Games share that same authentic, real-life persona that will resonate with Spike’s expanding audience. We are thrilled to partner with the incredibly creative production teams that developed The Jersey Shore and The Biggest Loser to bring these unique concepts to life,” said Sharon Levy, Spike TV’s executive vice president, original series and animation.

Bar Rescue begins shooting in April while Repo Games goes into production in February. 

In Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer, one of the country’s top restaurant and bar consultants, will give failing establishments one last chance to succeed.  The show will delve into every business facet of running a bar from creating a profitable drink/food menu to crowd management to music selection to managing disgruntled employees. Taffer will use his “in-your-face” style along with his renowned method of management called “Taffer Dynamics” to transform the bar into a vibrant, profitable establishment. This marks the first food/beverage-themed show for Spike TV.

Bar Rescue is produced by 3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks US, and Executive Producers JD Roth and Todd A. Nelson.
Repo Games is an innovative game-show series with one big twist.  The series, a combination of “Cops” meets “Jeopardy,” follows a crew of real-life repo men, Josh Lewis and Tom Detone, who give debtors one last chance to keep their cars but only if they’re willing to play for it. The debtors get five questions and if they get three answers correct, the car will be paid off on the spot. If the debtors fail, the car gets a new home at the impound lot.  The series will be shot on location throughout the country.

Repo Games is produced by 495 Productions. Sally Ann Salsano serves as executive producer.