Two talkers out in Philly


Larry Mendte has been fired from Merlin Media’s conservative talker in Philadelphia, WWIQ-FM IQ 106.9, where the former CBS 3 anchor had been serving as a morning driver. Mendte told the People Paper’s Molly Eichel that he was given no reason when he got his walking papers Monday. Mendte believed that his show had solid ratings and a loyal fan base.

“It just never really had a spot. They were trying to find a place for it,” Mendte said. “I was a big experiment.” Mendte, unlike the other hosts, did not have a contract.

Meanwhile, CBS Radio’s WPHT-AM Buzz Bissinger had an afternoon-drive slot with veteran talk host Steve Martorano. And now, less than a half year after Bissinger started, the show’s over, reports

Philadelphia magazine’s Victor Fiorillo quoted Bissinger saying that he resigned last month. But the story on also says that his tenure has been full of F-bomb-laden confrontations with co-workers.

“Buzz is no longer on the WPHT afternoon show,” CBS Radio market manager Marc Rayfield told “The parting was amicable. We do intend to replace him and continue to provide live and local programming.”

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