Two Wachters involved in Kansas FM sale


Andrew A. Wachter is selling KEKS-FM Ople KS, serving an unrated portion of the state south of Emporia KS – and among the buyers is William B. Wachter, who will hold a 15.8% stake in the station once the deal makes it to the closing table.

The buyer will go down in the books as My Town Media Inc. My Town president Robert D. Young was the one who signed off on the contract, but the main party of interest in My Town is Murfin Media, headed by David L. Murfin, which controls the lion’s share of the license not held by W.B. Wachter.

The price of the station is $97K cash. $75K is allocated to the station’s equipment and other tangible assets, and $22K to the license itself.

My Town owns KSNP-FM Burlington KS, a C2 on 97.7 MHz with 17.2 kW @ 584’, putting out a much bigger signal than KEKS-FM. Although there is no primary contour overlap between the two stations, there is plenty of secondary overlap.

KEKS is a Class A on 103.1 MHz, with 2.45 kW @ 315’.