U2 prefers radio to cloud promotion


Paul McGuinness is the manager of worldwide musical act U2, and he was asked recently about his thoughts on using Spotify and other similar digital platforms to release music. He said his band wasn’t particularly enamored of it – there are too many questions about the true value. He also cited a preferred method of breaking a new song – a method that has been in use for decades prior to the digital revolution.

According to a SlashGear article, McGuinness said U2 is unlikely to hand a new piece of material over to Spotify, or Rhapsody or any other digital site. He said such sites are definitely part of the future, but as of right now, he said too much of the business is a secret, and as a result musicians have no firm idea of the true benefits of handing over their music.

The labels have an interest in Spotify, and labels have the first crack at setting up a deal with Spotify, and musicians wonder what if anything is left over for their own bank account.

He has nothing against the service, said McGuinness. But he sees it as merely another promotional tool, and not the best one. “If we have to choose where to put records on their debut we’re unlikely to give it to Spotify,” said McGuiness. “I’d rather give it to a DJ on a great station.”