UCC launching gay-affirming campaign


The United Church of Christ will launch a two-week, pre-Easter ad blitz on Sirius Satellite Radio, beginning 3/10. During the two weeks before Easter, one of the UCC’s newest radio ads "Telephone Tree – National" – will air more than 165 times on Sirius. The 60-second spot can be heard on at least four channels: Sirius OutQ, CNN, Fox News, and Sirius Left.

The Rev. J. Bennett Guess, UCC spokesman, describes the new spots as "laugh-out-loud funny," something that, he hopes, will capture the attention and imagination of Sirius listeners.

Like past TV and radio ads used by the UCC over the past five years, the message is tailored to reach those who may have experienced alienation from other churches.

The effort is part of the UCC’s ongoing "God is still speaking" campaign. Terrestrial radio gets on the buy as well: In addition to purchasing time on Sirius, the church is making grants to assist local churches to air customized versions of the ads in local markets. The 60-second spots that will air on Sirius Radio have been adapted and shortened as 45-second versions for use in local markets, allowing individual churches to add their own 15-second informational tags.