Uh-oh … Political LUR Problems Could Be Lurking

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The LUR window is in full swing!
Everyone knows the political revenue windfall comes with a heap of hassle. But there’s one often-overlooked problem that can make or break your year.


The Problem with Political Ad Spend (That No One is Talking About)

By Emilee Bond
The Lowest Unit Rate (LUR) window for political advertising is upon us!
And due in-part to limited in-person campaigning caused by the coronavirus pandemic, political advertising dollars are expected to surge leading up to the general election on November 3rd.
Everyone knows that this political revenue windfall comes with a heap of hassle. As a result, 1 in 5 broadcasters “declined to permit any political advertising” during previous election cycles.
But in this roller coaster year of plummeting ad revenue, most broadcasters aren’t able to turn away business even if it means navigating through the tough challenges of complexity and compliance.
And when they do, they’ll run into an often-overlooked problem that could make or break their year …