Ukraine protesters go topless against NZ station contest


MediaWorks’ “The Rock” FM network in New Zealand had come under some fire after running a competition where listeners can win their own Ukrainian bride. Now they’re getting nude protests in the Ukraine over this—it’s got to be good for ratings nonetheless.

Women’s rights activists from “Femen” in Ukraine did not think the “win a wife” competition was a good one. They regularly oppose the sex tourism industry in Ukraine, according to The UK Metro, which had pix we’re not going to post here.

The Rock FM gave listeners the chance to win a 12-night holiday in the Ukraine.  The winner is to be flown there where they can pick their new honey from “The Endless Love Agency.” They will then start married life together during a 12-night stay (3/23 to 4/7) in the dazzling city of Zaporozhye with free accommodations and $2,000 NZD.

The competition closed on 2/28 and earlier in the week a group of women from Femen stripped from the waist up in public to express their outrage, sporting a bevy of signs.

RBR-TVBR observation: We see that going topless certainly got the group’s attention about its cause, but the move will likely increase sex tourism awareness and interest, rather than quash it. Certainly, Rock FM’s male-targeted listeners are loving it, across its 20 or so transmitters across that nation. Seems this is one gig the station is not going to regret—at least when it comes to ratings.