Zero Latency Signal Delivery, From MuxLab


MuxLab’s next generation HDMI over IP Uncompressed Extender, 4K/60 (model 500768) are being promoted as a new method of connecting sources to displays that are all routed through a 10Gig Ethernet switch.

Individual transmitters and receivers can be added and removed as needed, offering an method of scalability supporting a multiple of individual devices.

“The ability to integrate massive amounts of equipment in a plug and play manner and the delivery of uncompressed [email protected] with zero latency makes this newest Extender a top performer in the field,” MuxLab Director of Product Management Joe Teixeira said.

System integrators can mount or place numerous displays anywhere required, allowing a  wireless delivery of AV. The solution, Muxlab says, is ideal for large-scale commercial installations such as corporate, educational, worship and entertainment facilities.

Sources (transmitters) connect to displays (receivers) through the 10Gig Ethernet switch from up to 100m away, which can keep equipment hidden and secure. The system supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many signal distributions, including virtual matrix configurations.

Both transmitter and receiver provide a 1G Ethernet port that can connect additional network devices in the system. IR and RS232 enable remote control of source and sink end equipment. When paired with MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller and the MuxControl app, the entire AV over IP system is accessible and configurable from anywhere using a PC, smart phone or tablet.