Understanding today’s complex BROADCASTING Issues


On July 8, 2002 many in the radio medium thought I lost my marbles by dropping an 18+ year successful weekly RBR report to go electronic and daily. On October 18, 2002 we added a second electronic and daily publication, Television Business Report (TVBR).

Remember what it was like 2002? Most of you who were receiving RBR & TVBR only had an AOL account, so it was a long wait each day to get your news download in the dial up era.

Fast forward seven (7) short years and look what we have – High Speed Internet, iPhone, Blackberrys, Palm Pre, iPod, Kindle readers, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites of all shapes and sizes. Many broadcasters have their entire life on a hand-held device. (We hope you remember to back it up somewhere!)

We also have seen a ton of knock off E-newsletters flood the market. The only good thing is that software drives the biz and spam filters block unwanted mail. But it doesn’t stop these knock offs from also becoming rip offs, all vying for the broadcasters eyes and vying for the advertising dollar.

On October 3rd, we enter into our 27th year as the “Voice of the Broadcasting Industry” and, yes, we are still Independently Owned. Today, I am announcing that RBR & TVBR are making another major improvement in our morning electronic E-newsletter:

I am combining RBR & TVBR into one (1) morning report as we have done with the afternoon RBR-TVBR PM Report and our RBR-TVBR Weekend Report.

Today it is RBR-TVBR the AM ReportVoice of the BROADCASTING Industry.

OK, you say I have lost my marbles again. 

Or some in the business will talk that this is a Cost-Cutting move.

WRONG on both counts!

No, I have Not lost my marbles – and –

NO I will NOT SAVE MONEY combining reports.

The key issue is moving forward in a web information world. And to do more we need Time – and this savings in Time will be redirected to making improvements to our fast growing website of RBR.com/TVBR.com with improved sections for new ideas to increase your broadcasting business.

Examine the new tools provided  – The Navigation buttons at the top and the News Quick Links which provide you all the information of today on key information is housed at RBR.com. No other report delivers the depth as RBR-TVBR. These tools will be incorporated in all RBR-TVBR Epaper newsletters.

You also see a New Service for all wanting to get your Name and Announcements in RBR-TVBR… we have made this easy too with the RBR-TVBR PressWire (more details later) but you can use it now.

The key is Time – the RBR-TVBR editors and production department need time to research, gather and produce quality content on your behalf and to better serve the broadcasting community today.

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Another key reason for the combination:
Business issues between Radio and Television are no longer years apart. The business issues, legislative issues etc. are identical.

Radio and Television are no longer competitors, but we must become partners in the broadcasting business and fight against the non-regulated competitors.

It is no longer Radio and or TV vs Newspapers. In my 42-year broadcasting career I have never seen Radio and TV more closely aligned on every level of business than we are today.

The competition is going to get rougher out there as we begin a new decade – 2010 is the year we in the Broadcasting business must pull together and work as a team. 
We must be a team. If you are in either Radio or TV, you are a Broadcaster in the Business of Broadcasting. If you are a member of the NAB, RAB or TVB you are in the Business of Broadcasting.

We broadcasters compete and fight in the news media, entertainment, and advertising world – but as broadcasters we are at a disadvantage.  Broadcasters are regulated by the arm of the federal government called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Cable and Satellite companies, Internet companies, blogs, newspapers, outdoor, magazines and others do not have to meet the same high standards and regulations as broadcast license holders.

And again, it is for this very reason that RBR-TVBR is combining our editorial content efforts and producing 1 morning RBR-TVBR epaper, the AM Report – just for broadcasters, because we ourselves are Broadcasters.

Again I note: There is NO COST or MONEY Savings to RBR-TVBR. 

Our content will continue to be delivered to you electronically, but our key focus on the ideas will be housed at RBR.com.
To our RBR.com web readers to view our improved RBR-TVBR the AM Report here you go –
7:30 RBR-TVBR news FCC reveals Web Rules, newsletter

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We at RBR-TVBR are 1st broadcasters and it is time we unite and move our mediums forward in a solid cross-platform and cross-marketing partnership as we approach a new decade. 2010 will be the new year to show other media that Radio and Television create great content and we are the mediums of consumer choice.

It is time we broadcasters begin sharing ideas and working with one another for a better broadcasting business. Radio and Television Broadcasters have more of a common bond and need to embrace what RBR-TVBR have been stating and doing – Cross-Marketing and Cross-Platforming with each other.

Understanding the entire range of issues facing the Broadcasting business today, tomorrow and into the new decade – 2010 is going to require each of us to work smarter, not harder.

RBR-TVBR was the 1st to publish electronically and move out of the weekly print mode.  During the past 7 years one thing that is at the front of the line and going forward is Broadcasters carry a lot of weight on their shoulders and always have to look over them against government regulations and in many cases the hefty fines that come with the responsibility as a broadcasting license holder.      

As we move toward 2010, RBR-TVBR is combining our Broadcasting content and presenting a combined morning report as we have been doing in the afternoon. 

Starting today, Monday, September 21, 2009, RBR-TVBR the AM Report will deliver a sleeker look and, most importantly, SHARE ideas across the Broadcasting aisle. 

As broadcasters we need to work as a team and share ideas. It is time for RBR/TVBR’s content to become a complete Broadcasting Resource and we will live up to our subhead under the RBR-TVBR brand –
“Voice of the BROADCASTING Industry”

PS: The day of printing and postage are dead just like R&R and soon a few others will most likely close their doors if they can not find a buyer.  Any report or so called trade publication that still print is killing themselves and doing the mediums they serve a disservice by not taking a leadership role into the internet.  That is why I put our final print report to bed forever in December 2007.

This is why RBR-TVBR will move forward in the interactive Internet world.

For radio execs that attended the NAB in Philly went by the trade print bin now just ask yourself if any one of the print publications that are racked and stacked have taken a leadership role in today’s Internet business. Or are they still old media? Print?
Bottom line: Nobody brought extra carry-on luggage to tote print/paper back home.

RBR-TVBR is the “Voice of the Broadcasting Industry” 27 years and Independently Owned.

Our improved RBR-TVBR the AM Report 10/09/08 
7:30 RBR-TVBR news LPFM/TV loudness bills Sail

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