Underwriting at California noncom FM strays into commercial territory


The broadcast of four underwriting announcements that got too descriptive has landed the National Farmworkers Service Center and its nomcom KUFW-FM Woodlake CA in FCC hot water.

Between them, the ads aired over 2,000 times between March and December of 2006. With phrases like ““beautiful Harley Davidson light trucks” and “will make you stand out” and “make your vehicle unique” and “they want to imitate, but countrymen, they will never be able to be the same” and “the hottest prices are at MLT,” the FCC had no trouble putting the content into the advertising rather than the underwriting category.

The station admitted that it was remunerated for running the announcements. The FCC did not disclose the total amount received.

The price of the transgression: A $12.5K fine. At this point, the station has been hit with a notice of apparent liability and still has an opportunity to asks for cancellation or reduction of the fine.