Unified Video Technologies updates uVOD solution


UNIVUnified Video Technologies (UNIV), provider of complete media ecosystems and software services for broadcasters, enterprises and the entertainment industry, will introduce Release 1.5 of its white-label uVOD VOD solution at NATPE Miami January 27-29.  uVOD was introduced in 2013 to help broadcasters. MSOs, ISPs and Telcos quickly and easily launch branded OTT services without investing in costly in-house OTT technology.

Specifically, uVOD offers customers a quick-launch, subscription-based VOD platform that operates as an OPEX-expensed managed service.  This eliminates capital expense requirements including system operation and management, making uVOD the only OTT system that exists solely as a revenue generator.

The new uVOD release adds linear and on-demand programming delivery using a choice of transactional and subscription business models.  Multiplatform capability supports streaming across Android and iOS mobile devices as well as computers and Smart TVs, ensuring customers can reach the widest possible audiences.

Upgrades include a new portal that’s easily operated via an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), compatible with all devices. The portal offers rich functionality including zapping between linear channels, full integration with Microsoft PlayReady DRM, and customized back office subscriber management. Mobile applications are approved for download from the Apple iTunes and Android Play Stores. Broad arrays of analytics are provided for all management tools such as Traffic Sources, Event Tracking, Audience Data, and E-Commerce.

“We are thrilled to present Release 1.5 of our UVOD solution and to add exciting new capabilities so soon after the initial release of our revolutionary white-label, managed OTT service,” said Ariel Matzkin, CTO of UNIV. “uVOD, the only OTT system in the world that can be deployed alongside a web portal with complete customer branding within a matter of days, is just one of the exciting and innovative UNIV technologies.  We look forward to demonstrating for new and established customers alike at NATPE this year.”

UNIV will hold meetings with local television stations and broadcast, cable and satellite networks at NATPE. Contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment.