Union has preferences in Democratic convention siting


The Democratic National Committee has been weighing the pros and cons of four possible sites for its 2012 presidential nominating convention – Charlotte NC, Cleveland OH, Minneapolis MN and St. Louis MO. International labor union UNITE HERE thinks that two of those venues should be disqualified for a lack of union-shop accommodations.

According to a report at politico.com, the two cities that fail to pass muster for UNITE HERE are Charlotte and Cleveland.

Hospitality workers are among those represented by UH, and for that reason they are particularly interested in holding the Democratic marquee event in a city where they have some clout. And according to Politico, news of the union’s maneuvering, which started in the form of a letter to DNC Chair Tim Kaine over a month ago, was first made public by the Minneapolis branch of the union, one of the cities that would see its hosting chances go up if Charlotte and Cleveland are pulled off the table.