Union looks to head of Verizon/cable spectrum deal


FCCThe Communications Workers of America see monopolistic business practices and lost jobs if a consortium of cable companies are allowed to sell spectrum to communications giant Verizon without the application of some serious conditions.

CWA, with assistance from other organizations, its taking its case directly to the FCC’s Washington DC headquarters.

CWA stated, “The proposal—which in its current form would allow the companies to cross-market each other’s products, thereby eliminating competition—would kill or prevent the creation of thousands of jobs, deepen the digital divide between cities and wealthy suburbs, reduce consumer choice and raise prices.”

A number of speakers will address those assembled at the rally:

* Richard Hatch, CWA Local 2201 in Richmond, VA
* Adrian Crisp CWA Local 1118 in Albany, NY
* Mark Cooper, Director of Research, Consumer Federation of America
* Parul Desai, Communications Policy Counsel, Consumers Union
* Margrete Strand Rangnes, Director, Labor, Workers Rights & Trade Programs, The Sierra Club
* Elbridge James, Political Action Chair, Maryland NAACP
 The rally is scheduled for 6/13 at high noon.