Union Radio and Angels Barcelo Return to Haiti


As the world marks 100 days of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the team of Hora 25 Global (Saturdays at 12 noon local time on Radio Caracol 1260 AM Miami and W Radio 690 AM in LA/San Diego) moves back to the streets of its capital, Port au Prince, to broadcast from there a two-hour special edition, in order to find out how Haitians are after three months, and whether the various international aid organizations have fulfilled all the promises made to the Caribbean country. Union Radio wants to remind listeners that Haiti continues to exist and needs the help of the international community.

Hora 25 Global will air this Saturday from the headquarters of the MINUSTAH (Stabilization Mission in Haiti – United Nations) with a two-hour special edition. A team of journalists from Union Radio, led by Angels Barceló, will inform our listeners about how the country is currently, following the earthquake on January 12 that killed over 200,000 people. The special envoys are: Angels Barceló, Lourdes Lancho, Nicolas Castilian, Juan Jacobo Castellanos, and sound technicians Paco Quiroga and Angel Cabrera.

Some of their guest will be: president of Haiti, Rene Preval, Jean Max Bellerive, Haiti’s Prime Minister and Chairman of the Interim Committee for Reconstruction with Bill Clinton; Edwin Paraison Minister Haitian Diaspora or Edmond Mulet, head of the Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Also some representatives from the education and media fields: Suzy Castor, teacher and Haitian sociologist who has devoted his life to fight for Human Rights after she was pursued by the Duvalier dictatorship and exiled in Mexico for 30 years. Max Adam, professor at the University of Puerto Principe, sociologist and politician, and journalist of Radio Signal FM, Garry Apollon.

Some world leaders will be involved, too, to show their support to Haiti from their respective countries. The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera and José Miguel Insulza, secretary general of the Organization of American States, among others, will discuss the help of the international community that the Caribbean country still needs.

Noe Goyenechea and Rafael Zuñiga, two of the firefighters who participated in the rescue of two Haitian brothers will join the show to remember what it meant for them to save these two boys eight days after the earthquake, when there was little hope of life.

Several international singers like Juan Luis Guerra, will get involved to give their support to the Haitians and remember that “One hundred days will not make us forget”.

Finally, a special report will tell the story of Pierre Desarmes, lead singer of the group Reggaeton Boys, who after surviving the earthquake, took his family from Haiti to Santiago de Chile, where he survived yet another earthquake.

Hora 25 Global airs on over 450 stations in the eight countries: Cadena SER in Spain, Radio Continental in Argentina; W Radio in Colombia, Mexico and W 690 W Los Angeles; ADN in Chile and Costa Rica; Radio Caracol in Miami and Colombia; and Radio Panama in Panama.