United Stations Radio Networks signs on for RADAR


Arbitron announced it has signed the United Stations Radio Networks as a new radio network provider for the company’s RADAR network radio ratings service. 

RADAR will report the United Stations Impact Network effective with the RADAR 97 release in June 2008. The new net will offer 14 day-specific units per week on approximately 800 top-rated stations, targeting Adults 18–49.

The addition of the new network will bring the current count of RADAR-rated networks to 58. 

Said USRN President and COO Jim Higgins: “The United Stations has a long-standing commitment and successful track record of serving the needs of our advertisers. As media accountability and transparency have become the watchwords among our clients, we’re excited to now be providing RADAR network ratings to our advertisers. Our philosophy is to deliver the largest audiences for commercials airing on top market stations and to capture the impact of these messages accurately for the ad buying community. RADAR continues to be the gold standard of network radio audience measurement, and USRN is committed to growing our presence in RADAR.”