United Stations, SoCast Extend and Expand Relationship


NEW YORK — Network radio programming producer and distributor United Stations has expanded and extended its partnership with Canadian digital content and ad revenue software company SoCast.

The deal sees a enhanced relationship designed, the companies say, to help subscribing radio stations maximize their local ad sales efforts through the incorporation of a newly introduced Ad Extension digital ad sales platform.

The current SoCast and USRN relationship sees United Stations offer exclusive advertising sales representation for SoCast’s barter inventory, affiliate marketing of SoCast’s “Digital Playbook” and the provision of web content by United Stations for some of SoCast’s clients.

The SoCast Ad Extension Platform is the opening “play” in the Digital Playbook, USRN says.

“It enables sales managers and account executives in local radio markets to capitalize on their longstanding relationships with local advertisers and offer a 360 degree approach to local ad spending. SoCast provides the platform, the sales training, and the consulting to turn local radio sales teams into local multi-media sales teams,” the company says. “The turn-key solution is underpinned by campaign and sales team management software, and a proposal tool connected to an easy to use Demand Side Platform (DSP).”

Together, United Stations and SoCast have been offering sales enablement solutions for several years including ongoing training on digital monetization, and they have made that available via their menu of services known as their “Digital Playbook.”

SoCast launches new features regularly, and more digital revenue “plays” will be added to the playbook to complement Ad Extension, and round out the radio sales toolkit to compete with all local agency competitors.