United Stations syndicates Bloomberg Businessweek


Bloomberg Radio, the 24-hour, digital all-news business radio station, and United Stations Radio Networks announced the introduction of Bloomberg Businessweek programming into national syndication.  The new Bloomberg Businessweek radio content will expand upon existing Bloomberg Radio and United Stations Radio Networks’ current offerings to provide updates and in-depth feature programming that impact a broader business audience as well as listeners from outside the financial community interested in timely business news they can use in their everyday lives.

“We’re extremely pleased to offer this new general market business content, which includes consumer-friendly updates as well as a weekly two-hour show with news and analysis adapted for radio from the writers of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine,” said Al Mayers, Station Manager for Bloomberg Radio. “The new content helps us reach a wider audience, with stories that impact not just investment professionals but listeners interested in the business community at large.” 

“Bloomberg Businessweek is known for delivering the kind of comprehensive insight that business leaders depend upon,” said Jim Higgins, President and COO, United Stations Radio Networks. “We are very excited to now be providing Bloomberg Businessweek branded content to a much broader spectrum of radio station formats and their listeners across the U.S.”

The new content offerings for weekends and weekdays are:

-“Bloomberg Businessweek Updates”: 60-second updates discussing the companies, personalities and emerging trends that interest business leaders and consumers around the world.  “Bloomberg Businessweek Updates,” featuring editors and reporters from the magazine, are produced multiple times a day, Monday through Fridays, with additional updates available for weekend airings.

-“Bloomberg Businessweek Radio”: A new, weekly two-hour show hosted by Bloomberg Radio veterans Ken Prewitt and Pimm Fox that focuses on Bloomberg Businessweek’s ground-breaking cover stories and the most intriguing news and content from the latest magazine.  Prewitt and Fox are joined by top editors and reporters providing additional insight on their work. “Bloomberg Businessweek Radio” is presented on Friday evenings at 8:00 PM/ET with additional feed times for airings throughout the weekend.