United Stations to distribute Universal Comedy Network


UCN / Universal Comedy NetworkThe partnership with the newly launched Universal Comedy Network includes both national ad sales and affiliate relations for the comedy prep service.  The deal is effective immediately and this announcement comes jointly from USRN’s President/COO Jim Higgins and from UCN’s founder and creative director, Joel Graham.

The Universal Comedy Network was formed just weeks ago to fill a void that was created when the parent company (Dial Global) behind the American Comedy Network was forced to close the doors on that traditionally successful production house 2/6.  Graham, who was most recently in charge of ACN, will head up UCN, and has re-assembled the same core creative team that made ACN a success.

Each day UCN offers top notch original content like song parodies, commercial spoofs, show opens, characters and production elements to radio stations.   UCN also is home to the best Barack Obama impersonator on radio as well as other nationally recognized song parodies and comedy bits.   ACN was always based in Connecticut, and the new UCN team will be based there as well.

Said USRN’s Jim Higgins: “Our firm is a clear leader in supplying original and topical content to thousands of radio stations, and we’ve been admirers of the work that Joel and his team have done for years.  We’re thrilled to be able to work together now and to build upon something very successful and also help to expand into many more affiliated radio stations.  This is a great fit for us both.”   Graham added, “After learning that I was not a candidate to become the new Pope, I immediately went to Plan B – partnering with the pros at United Stations.   Of course UCN is thrilled to work with a company that completely understands what we do and will be committed to growing our services…we’re extremely stoked.”


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