Universal Music Group still loves radio


A posse has been formed to sell the latest material from rapper B. Taylor, including a relative of iconic Country star Johnny Cash and GBR/Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution. Although you’d never believe it if you read about the label’s opinion of radio these days, the fact is, they’re trying to get Taylor’s material played on the radio.

The Cash family member is Gene Cash, CEO of Music Row Records Nashville, who is pushing Owen B. Taylor’s Hip Hop offerings.

The single on the plate currently is “Fire In Your Eyes,” which features TV star Pauley Perrette. It’s being distributed by GBR/Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution and has been getting air time since 5/3/11.

But wait, there’s more. In a release about Taylor’s release, the promoters said, “Michael Jackson’s legendary radio promoter T.C. Thompkins is overseeing the radio promotion for the single partnered with popular radio promoters Vince Pellegrino and Jeff McClusky.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Why is Universal setting itself up to be a victim of radio? Why would Universal be trying to get radio to play its material even though it will not benefit from a performance royalty? Is it just possible that Universal has an ulterior motive? Is it just possible that the airplay is ultimately beneficial to its effort to sell Taylor’s music? Hmmmm…