‘Shoppable and Interactive Programming’ Expands


If you’re a broadcast media company looking for a creative new way to bring additional ROI to an advertiser, check out what Univision Communications just did.

With one click on a smartphone, thanks to an inaudible trigger, a consumer can redeem online or in-store a product offer tied to the corresponding content they’ve heard on the radio or have seen on the TV.

Effective Monday (12/18), Univision has entered into a partnership with ACTV8me in embracing “Shop While You Watch,” a six-year-old enhanced TV advertising platform that can send offers directly from a TV mention (and radio) to the consumer’s mobile wallet. These offers can be automatically inserted into Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

The platform is also being used for streaming media, presenting further opportunities for radio and TV broadcasters.

Univision is calling on ACTV8me’s technology to help “shape a new approach in broadcast advertising, allowing viewers to conveniently purchase products and unlock offers while they are watching their favorite programs.”

Sam Abiad is the SVP of Ad Sales Operations and Business Strategy at Univision. He says new, innovative ways to enhance advertiser activations, while providing measurable results in real-time, is always top-of-mind for his team. With the ACTV8me partnership, it helps “further deliver a tailored experience for both brands and our viewers.”

That’s integral for all of broadcast television in the coming years, as the next-generation digital TV standard — ATSC 3.0 — will bring “addressable ads” to the industry, giving them opportunities that digital’s “FANG four” (Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google) have largely dominated.

The crux of ACTV8’s technology is tied to interactive programming.

On Tuesday morning, Univision viewers will be asked to download the free Mobii app while watching news and entertainment network morning show Despierta América. When an interactive segment is aired, viewers will receive mobile offers tied to what is discussed on the air. Viewers can then save these offers to their mobile wallet on their smartphone.

The man behind the technology is Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Brian Shuster, ACTV8me’s founder and CEO.

As explained on the ACTV8me website, Apple and Google will spend billions of dollars over the next few years to convert consumers from the traditional wallet to the digital wallet. “The goal is to get your brand in the mobile wallet and your TV ads can get you there,” company literature declares.

Shuster says, “Our platform was built on the notion that everyone in the ecosystem wins; the network, the advertiser and most importantly the viewer. By delivering real monetizable value that entices viewers to watch and engage, it also generates a wealth of new analytics that allows brands and networks to better understand their audience.”

ACTV8me’s history dates to 2009. In 2012, the company began developing, perfecting and deploying its technology platform within the U.S. by launching mobile applications for such programs as New Girl, The Glee Project, The Celebrity Apprentice, MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance, World Series of Poker, and In The Huddle.

This was tied to partnerships with FOXAzoff Music, United Artists, Fremantle Media and Valassis.

Regional and national trials have exceeded expectations, Univision says.

Southern California natives may be familiar with Shuster thanks to his involvement with a storied live entertainment venue, now lost to history. From 1979-1985, he was actively involved with the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, which he founded. The facility, which also took the name Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, closed in fall 2016 as its long-term lease expired. The site is now being used for housing on the busy corridor between Irvine and Laguna Beach, Calif.