Univision, Entravision, Katz, OUTFRONT, Liberty


items-listHispanic radio/television groups Univision and Entravision have both announced times and dates for their quarterly results calls; Katz inks a pact with Rentrak; OUTFRONT is offering a dividend and has a unique business proposition; and Liberty will vote on moves related to the Charter mergers.

* Thursday, August 6 will be an extraordinarily busy day for analysts trying to cover broadcast earnings results – and now we can add one more. Univision will make its presentation that day at 11:00 AM eastern.

* Hispanic television and radio group Entravision has entered the conference call calendar. It’s on deck for Thursday 8/6/15 at 500 PM eastern.
* Katz Television has signed on with Rentrak for ratings, including information on automotive and political demographics.

* Billboard company OUTFRONT is offering a dividend to shareholders of record as of 9/10/15. They will get 34 cents per share, payable on 9/30/15. The company was formerly known as CBS Outdoor.

* OUTFRONT Media has hit on a new way to get more bang for its billboard buck – it has hired Diamond Communications to market and manage the marketing of attachments that wireless companies can place on its assets and increase their service deployment territory.

* Liberty Broadband Corp. has scheduled a special shareholders meeting for 9/23/15. The purpose: to approve financial maneuvers related to the company’s $4.3B investment in the stock of Charter Communications, which in turn is related to Charter’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.