Univision hopes to block further problems


Local television stations are supposed to provide three hours of weekly educational children’s programming, a fact which Hispanic giant Univision is sorely familiar with. It previously tried to pass off a telenovela (or soap opera) featuring a young character as a program contributing to this requirement, and ran into a firestorm of protest that resulted in a consent decree with the FCC that ran to 24M dollars, or 1M for each television station found wanting.

Univision is now making "Planeta U" a regular weekly feature of its network lineup, which it calls "an educational and informational programming block to appeal to kids of all ages." It runs from 8AM-11AM ET/PT and 7AM-10AM Central, and it kicks off tomorrow, 4/5/08.

In a release, Univision touted the offering, saying "this innovative programming block includes segments that promote literacy, reading, problem-solving skills, respect for others, self esteem, and pride in the Hispanic identity."

RBR/TVBR observation: And if it keeps the kidvid watchdogs at the FCC at bay, it will be well worth it. Radio, be glad that your children’s programming requirements are nonexistent.