Univision, Nielsen Connect sign for premium data in upfront


Univision signed with Nielsen Connect, which provides a one-stop shop of 360 degree data, via Nielsen Media and Nielsen Homescan. Univision and Nielsen Connect fused TV viewing data with purchase information, allowing marketers to effect a more data-driven strategy for maximum ROI.

One of the issues facing advertisers today is optimizing the best mix of English and Spanish- language advertising to deliver the best ROI. Fusion enables advertisers to go beyond the traditional targets of age and sex and tackle the matter from a better perspective – the actual marketing target. For example, based on data in the LA market, Cola Brand X, whose strategy is to target heavy users, found that Spanish dominant Hispanics comprise 39% of their target. This insight could dramatically change their approach to reaching their target audience.  Furthermore, fusion was able to show how to allocate their media dollars to maximize their reach.

 “Nielsen Connect and Univision have developed a tool that brings marketers and video content providers to the intersection of advertising and product sales,” said Jon Mandel, Nielsen Connect CEO. “I am very excited that with our mutual commitment Univision and Nielsen will continue to move further away from using the mere proxies for consumers and viewers that have been used in the past to using real world measures of making the cash register ring.”

For example, a recent Simmons media habits study commissioned by Univision confirms increased Spanish-language media consumption by Hispanic youth. Among 16-24 year old Hispanics, key findings include:

·        78% watch Univision because it has their favorite show

·        71% say that ads in Spanish demonstrate respect for their language

·        56% say that ads in Spanish make them feel recognized

·        73% watch commercials on Spanish-language TV compared to 33% who watch commercials on English-language TV; 41% of non-Hispanic 16-24 year olds who watch English-language television watch the commercials