Univision on track to become number one network


Univision, the flagship network of Univision Communications, has long been the #1 Spanish television network in the US, but it now is aiming for a bigger prize. It’s no longer unusual for Univision to beat one or more of the Big Four English networks in the ratings and it plans to regularly beat all of them within a few years.

“During the third quarter Univision made history by beating all other networks to rank as the number one network in primetime, regardless of language, among 18-49 year-old adults for an entire week. This achievement, in conjunction with our consistent rating trends and the incredible Hispanic population growth makes me confident that Univision has the potential to be the number one network in the country, regardless of language, among 18-49 year-olds on a consistent basis within the next three to five years,” Univision Communications CEO Joe Uva told Wall Street analysts in his quarterly conference call.

Just last month Univision announced a new and expanded deal with Mexico’s Televisa to nail down Univision’s access to Televisa programming through 2020, extending the old contract by three years, and also giving Univision the rights to distribute Televisa content online, via mobile devices and video on demand in the United States. Televisa is also investing $1.2 billion in Univision Communications, which obviously improves the company’s balance sheet.

“Upon closing, Univision will have an expanded suite of exclusive US Spanish-language broadcast rights. It will have exclusive US Spanish-language digital rights to all of Televisa’s audio-visual, with limited exceptions. Given the consistent research showing that Hispanics are using cell phones and other wireless devices, more so than any other ethnic group, our newfound ability to deliver Televisa content via these platforms creates a tremendous growth opportunity for us. And that’s just one of the many avenues for growth which we can now explore,” Uva proclaimed in his Wall Street call. “The bottom line is that we are now even more favorably positioned for the foreseeable future, both operationally and financially.”