Univision opens door to major markets for Bounce


Bounce TVBounce TV, the African-American-targeted broadcast network that’s using digital side-channels as its base, will add seven large DMAs courtesy of Hispanic television group Univision.

The new Bounce markets will include San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Denver, Sacramento, Raleigh and Tampa. Adding these markets will make the network available to 86% of the US African-American population and to 68% of the total US population.

“This unique agreement brings together the leading over the air broadcaster targeting the Hispanic viewer and the only over the air network targeting African Americans,” commented Jeffrey Wolf, executive vice president of distribution, Bounce TV. “Our partnership with Univision extends Bounce TV’s extraordinary reach even further, reinforcing our position as the fastest growing African American network.”

“Bounce TV is the perfect companion for Univision as we continue to serve the New American Reality,” commented Kevin Cuddihy, president, Univision Television Group.   “It is a meaningful network that will serve African American audiences in our communities joining Univision to create a powerful one-two combination for viewers and advertisers.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This is a big reason that the incentive auction project must respect broadcast bandwidth. Beside being the only electronic medium providing local news and being the only medium of any sort to provide critical emergency information in most markets, broadcasters are also using their government-ordered investment in digital to increase the diversity of programming available in many DMAs.

Broadcasters and their one-to-many distribution model must not be squeezed into irrelevance in an effort to make room for the telco’s inefficient one-to-one distribution model.


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