Univision says ad revenue is stabilizing


In a preview of Q2 results filed with the SEC, Univision says net revenues are expected to be down low single digits, but that operating income will be flat or up a bit. The filing also notes “the recent stabilization in advertising related revenue.”

Q2 isn’t yet over, of course, but Univision says it currently forecasts that net revenues will be down low single digits from Q2 2008 revenues of $541.4 million. The company did not break out TV and radio separately. It expects operating income before depreciation and amortization to be at or above last year’s $221.6 million in the quarter.

“The Company’s expectation is based on higher contributions from subscriber fees as a result of recently negotiated multi-year distribution agreements with cable, satellite and telecom providers, the favorable impact of certain previously disclosed cost-saving initiatives initiated by the Company during the fourth quarter of 2008, and the recent stabilization in advertising related revenue,” Univision said in its filing.