Up-and-coming Country act pins its hopes on radio


Car RadioAngel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves are looking to gain fame and fortune, and to that end, they’re sending their latest single out to radio stations nationwide and citing an endorsement from a local radio air talent.

In a release, the band said, “The family trio’s energetic debut single, ‘Cowboy’ will be hitting national airwaves today followed by several upcoming appearances and performances.”

Lisa Clark of WAIN 93.5 Hot Country, in unrated Columbia KY, even offered a full-throated endorsement for the band. She said, “I love country music’s newest trio … Angel Mary and The Tennessee Werewolves! Their debut song ‘Cowboy’ feels like a Southern style rock jam and it makes for great radio play. I think the song has potential to be a crossover hit … it just makes you feel good no matter what genre of music you prefer. The song makes the women ‘want’ a cowboy and it makes the men ‘want to be’ a cowboy! No matter how great you sing, if your heart’s not in it everything is just notes and words. This talented family of musicians have their hearts in the right place … just listen! There’s no reason why these musicians can’t become bona fide stars!”

The band says its style a mixture of various Country root styles given a “modern overhaul.”

RBR-TVBR observation: You can’t get famous if nobody has ever heard of you – that’s why musicians still crave radio airplay. And this story underscores what is best about the decades long relationship between radio and musicians – a small market station and an up-and-coming band work together to gain exposure and help the band achieve the status of a national act. It’s not about royalties – it’s about promotion. We wish everybody involved in this project the best of luck.