Up month for the Gray Lady


Radio is a tiny portion of the New York Times Company, so we don’t know how WQXR-FM New York did specifically, but the overall company managed an up month, if only by 1% growth in revenues to 327.7 million bucks. Ad revenues for the New York Times Media Group, which includes the lone radio station, rose 1.6% in October to 13.5 million. For the entire company, ad revenues declined only 0.7% to 215.1 million, but that was largely because ad revenues for the About Group, which is strictly online, rose 45.8% to 10.8 million. For the main newspaper business, including radio and the related online sites, national was the only bright spot, up 6.6%. Retail ad sales were down 4.7% and classifieds fell 15.6%. Within the News Media Group, Internet ad revenues were up 19% for the month.