UPS mail campaign offers free carbon neutral option: Earth Week


UPS announced a special promotion for Earth Day, the global celebration of the Earth and the environment, celebrated every April 22nd. From April 19-23, UPS customers can add the UPS carbon neutral option to their shipments for free.

Agency partner T3 worked with UPS to develop an e-mail campaign alerting customers of the free trial. T3 previously created the UPS carbon neutral microsite at .

The e-mail and microsite make it easy for customers to understand the challenge posed to our environment by carbon emissions, and how UPS carbon neutral provides an easy way for them to reduce the climate impact associated with the transportation of their packages.

Launched in October 2009 in the U.S., UPS carbon neutral enables UPS customers to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their shipments. For a small fee ($.05-$.20 depending on the shipment), customers can add the UPS carbon neutral option to an individual package shipment created online with UPS Internet Shipping. UPS, on the shipper’s behalf, then purchases a carbon offset equivalent to the emissions generated by that shipment, thus making the shipment “carbon neutral.” The program will be expanded later this year.

“It is an honor to work with clients who care about the environment and how their business impacts the world we live in,” said Gay Gaddis, T3 CEO “The people of UPS continually find ways to make their products, services and operations more climate-friendly, and T3 is excited to help them effectively communicate these efforts to their customers.