Urban One Inks A Streaming Audio Ad Partnership


A market leader in digital audio advertising has just signed an exclusive long-term partnership with the largest distributor of African American-focused content across the U.S.

The deal makes this company Urban One‘s exclusive sales representative across total market network radio streaming and programmatic streaming ads.

The partnership is between Urban One and DAX. It encompasses Urban One’s radio platforms, Radio One and Reach Media.

Urban One has 55 owned and operated broadcast stations in 15 markets. Additionally, its Reach Media arm is home to nearly a dozen nationally syndicated personality networks.

The deal represents DAX’s second publishing partnership with a major terrestrial broadcaster, following a February agreement with Cumulus.

With the deal, DAX will serve Urban One’s exclusive sales representative across general market network radio streaming and programmatic streaming advertisements. Urban One advertisers will get access to advanced targeting tools to reach key audiences via DAX.

DAX is a digital audio advertising platform created by major U.K. radio broadcaster Global.

“DAX allows advertisers to measure their digital audio campaigns in real time, providing granular insights to help brands optimize their marketing efforts,” the company notes. “DAX’s proprietary technology Listener Insight ID (LIID), enables advertisers to measure and track the performances of their digital audio campaigns and acquire a complete picture of their audiences. LIID identifies the audience targeting segments that perform the best for brands, defines which creative messages are the most powerful, as well as reporting the right time of day to deliver messages. If a listener hears an audio ad and then visits the client’s website, LIID is able to map the journey and make that attribution.”

“Urban One’s rich history and unique audience reach makes it a great fit,” says Matt Cutair, Chief Executive of DAX US. “The advantages of terrestrial broadcast streaming over pure play is the diversification of the content. Content isn’t just limited to music playlists but includes live events, personality driven talk and news, allowing for brands to reach consumers in a much broader way.”

Radio One/Reach Media SVP of National & Network Sales Josh Rahmani adds, “We always want to make sure our advertisers have the best and most effective means to reach our loyal and culturally impactful audience. This partnership immediately allows that to happen by opening up our broadcast streaming audio properties and its listeners to the wide array of advertisers already working with DAX.”

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