USRN adds The Forgotten 45’s


Forgotten 45United Stations Radio Networks will be distributing a new weekend show geared to Oldies and Classic Hits radio stations called The Forgotten 45’s. The program, which will be produced and hosted by Bobby Bitman, marks an expansion of the network’s lineup of offerings for Classic Hits/Oldies stations. The program will begin airing nationally on the weekend of February 15th and 16th.

The Forgotten 45’s provides radio stations with two-hours per week of what are often referred to as “oh, wow” songs, and the music programmed for the show might include tracks from superstars such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes and The Beach Boys along with a long list of hits and novelties from other artists of that era including many notable “one hit wonders.”   The show often programs the original 45 rpm versions of these great all-time hits, and the production is also enhanced by a classic hit-radio sound including old commercials, 1960s style audio processing and PAMS jingles.

Additionally, listeners can email or call in their requests.

Though only in his sixth decade, Bobby Bitman is well into his fifth decade in the broadcast industry.   Bobby has worked on the air in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Tampa Bay Area and the Monterey Bay Area.   In 1990, he founded the Bitman Radio Show Prep Service, which is still going strong to this day and is now also part of the United Stations Radio Network lineup of services.   After several years of hosting “The Forgotten 45s” online where it developed a large and passionate following, Bobby is now bringing those great oldies back to the airwaves.