USRN offers free production on auto spots


United Stations Radio Networks announced that the services of its Production Department will be made available free of charge to affiliates to produce local commercials for the automotive and car dealership category.   The initiative is being implemented in order to help stations halt the loss of advertisers in the automotive category at local stations. The announcement came from Chairman/CEO, Nick Verbitsky.

It’s not new for United Stations to offer the writing and production services of its internal staff to enhance the creative services efforts of local stations.   In the past, USRN has made similar services available for either cash or barter under its AD POWER umbrella, but this is the first time that the network has made these services available for no charge.    

In making the announcement, Verbitsky said, “The cutbacks by automotive advertisers at the local level pose a very difficult challenge for operators in every market size.   Since our affiliates support our efforts week-in and week-out, it makes sense for us to pitch in for the good of our medium and support them in return.”